Gluten Free Wheat Free Beer and Snack Monthly Subscription (Oat Free) – Vegetarian

£39.99 on the 21st of each month

An exploratory gluten, wheat and oat-free beer subscription with complementing snacks.

What is included, the beers and snacks of the month.


An exploratory gluten, wheat and oat-free beer subscription with complementing snacks. Including free delivery to the UK mainland.

What is included, the 8 beers of the month and the 4 vegetarian snacks of the month.

Selected by coeliacs for coeliacs and people who are sensitive to gluten and beer aficionados.

How do we select the gluten free beers?

We talk directly to the breweries and make sure that we are getting the best possible range for you, we aren’t talking about your average bottle of Peroni or Old Speckled Hen (both are nice enough, but you can buy them in your local Sainsburys or Co-op). We have been taste testing and have taste testers up and down the country to help us, some are coeliacs, some gluten intolerant and some are regular beer drinkers so that we get a balanced view on them. The latest range will be listed on the blog and Instagram.

Once you have your box, we ask you for your feedback on each of the beers, any that get an overall low score won’t be brought back into rotation.

How do we select the snacks

We enjoy a good snack, especially with a beer, while testing the beers, we also test snacks, as with the beers, we will ask you for feedback on the snacks, hugely key for some of the smaller brands we work with as we can feed it back to them for future development.

Please note, the range of oat free beers is a lot more limited than the wheat-free alone, we will do our absolute best to source a minimum of 4 variations each month (we know the struggle, our founder can’t consume oats).

The product image is only an example one, beers that contain oats will be removed from oat free subscriptions and vegetarian boxes will have only vegetarian snacks in.

How it works

The deadline to sign up for this months box is the 20th of the month, with payment taken on the 21st of each month. The subscription boxes are all shipped together between the 24th and the 25th of the month, giving everybody the same experience altogether, this way we can ensure that the products we ship out are at their freshest and haven’t been sitting in storage for up to a month before they arrive with you.


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