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Kveik is the name of a family of yeast strains that has been used in Norwegian farmhouse brewing over the ages.  It can ferment at quite high temperatures and very fast.  We’ve used a strain that emphasises fruit characteristics, alongside Rakau hops and apricot.  The buckwheat base for this beer is what first got us thinking about farmhouse-style beers and so a kveik yeast strain was the obvious choice.

‘The Buck Stops Here’ is a phrase most associated with President Harry Truman, who had the legend written on a small sign atop his desk in the Oval Office.  In an era when significant public figures seem keen to eschew responsibility, we hope for a moment when our leaders recover their integrity and accept that the ‘buck’ stops with them for decisions made.  In the meantime, we must be conscious that when we see examples of poor behaviour in our society and allow them to go unquestioned, that poor behaviour will continue – unless we individually take responsibility and take a stand against it.  Or, we could be goading you into making the obvious response, that buckwheat and apricot kveik ales are beyond the pale and must be stopped!

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This beer has a BB of Dec/2021. We advise immediate consumption
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