New Subscription Service for Gluten Free Beer is Launched

EDNW Subscription Launch

Eats, Drinks, No Wheats Launch their Gluten and Wheat free Beer and Snacks Subscription Service.

The wait is over for gluten-free beer lovers. A monthly subscription service, Eats, Drinks, No Wheats, has officially launched. Every month coeliacs, gluten free eaters and beer drinkers are provided with a handpicked selection of gluten and wheat-free beers and ales, along with gluten-free snacks, all delivered straight to their front door.  They can get their hands on tasty ales, beers, popcorn, bacon, scratchings, and so much more for £39.99 a month including delivery. 

To ensure the subscribers are provided with the best quality products available, every beer and snack selected has been carefully tried and tested, providing the best taste for the same quality as traditional beers, ales and snacks. 

The people behind Eats, Drinks, No Wheats who launched the brand-new service are just regular people who enjoy good snacks and good beer. They found that getting good gluten-free beer isn’t always straightforward. Most supermarkets have one, maybe two beer options available. As for snacks, well, a bag of kettle crisps is nice, but surely that can’t be it? 

With over 600,000 people in the UK who can’t consume gluten and millions more on top of that, choosing the diet for additional health reasons, you would have thought these drinks would be more widely available. With that, the idea was born.  

Founder Philip Bacon said: 

“It’s been an absolute age since I was able to go and have a beer and have actual options, even more so just being able to pop to the shops and grab an excellent selection of cold beers and some exciting nibbles.  

Looking around at the options online, the hampers came in between £40 and £50 a time and had no subscription-based gluten-free options. So, I decided that I wanted to enable this for others.  

We intend to deliver a selection of gluten-free beers and snacks each month, we want your feedback afterwards, and we will use that to shape the selections in the future.” 

Aside from Eats, Drinks, No Wheats finding the perfect beer alternative for coeliacs, a gluten-free diet is a great way to improve digestive symptoms, increase energy and help with weight loss.  

How can people get their hands on a monthly box? You can subscribe to Eats, Drinks No Wheats by signing up on their website

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