Beer & Snack Review

Deliche Crunchy Cheese with Bacon
Deliche Crunchy Cheese with Bacon

Testing, testing…

Here at Eats, Drinks, No Wheats (EDNW), our head hog, Phil, has been doing some vital taste testing on some of the snacks and drinks that we want to include in our boxes once we launch!

Want to find out more? Of course, you do!

Let’s get into it!

We’ll start with everyone’s favourite (and mine too)… Beers!

Old Speckled Hen

First up, is the Old Speckled Hen, gluten-free, of course! Old Speckled Hen is brewed by Greene King Brewery and is known for its distinctive malty taste! The GF version is brewed precisely like the standard Old Speckled Hen, but the gluten is reduced during the brewing process. Due to a high content of crystal malt, the beer has this excellent toffee taste which we know Phil thoroughly enjoyed! Although it is worth pointing out that the head doesn’t last long due to the beer being GF, that just means you have to gulp it down to avoid this happening, which is a win in our books! Perfect when having a BBQ or a hot Sunday roast on a cold winters day- if you’re GF, we highly recommend this versatile beer!

Big Bang Theory from Nene Valley

The team over at Nene Valley Brewery has been making most of their beers gluten-free since October 2015. On their website, they proudly state that they “make great beers that happen to be gluten-free”! Their Big Bang Theory has proven to be quite popular recently, with its grapefruit tones and amber appearance! According to Phil, it’s lush- light-bodied with a clean finish. Perfect if you want something light and refreshing on a warm summers day, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that??

Green’s Premium Pilsner

Finally, we have Green’s Premium Pilsner! The interesting thing about Green’s is they are, in fact, a gluten-free brewery. So, even if you suffer from a severe gluten allergy, you can rest knowing that any glutenous ingredients will not have set foot inside the brewery- which is excellent! Ok, back to the beer! So this beer is basically your “classic” Belgium pilsner; it’s nice and hoppy with a hint of vanilla at the forefront

Ok, that’s the beers sorted, now it’s time for the snacks!

Arrogant Chicken Chicken Jerky – Cluck Norris

What a time to be alive, who knew that in this day and age we could find a smoked chicken jerky that tastes exactly like an American cheeseburger! Made from 100% chicken breast and a special secret ingredient sourced from the USA, these little bad boys are packed full of flavour! A strange texture to begin with, but one that we quickly got used to! These snacks come in various flavours such as; Oriental Seaseame, Greek Souvlaki, Tandoori Hot and Le Coq! Perfect for sharing with friends with a cold lager! 10/10 in our book!

Deliche Crunchy Cheese with Bacon

Right, onto the next snack! This is an unusual one as the main ingredient is cheese… but it’s crunchy! It sounds like witchcraft, right? These little pieces of cheese heaven are incredibly moreish and very savoury. Eat too many at once, and they can be a little salty. These would be the perfect BBQ snack paired with a citrusy beer like the Big Bang Theory from Nene Valley Brewery! As well as being gluten-free, they are also full of calcium and great for a keto diet as they are low carb!

So there we have it, our first ever snack review! Have you tried the snacks and beers mentioned above? What were your thoughts on them, we’d love to know!

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