Gluten Free Beer and Snack Subscription

About Eats, Drinks, No Wheats

Eats, Drinks, No Wheats… We are a subscription service which does what it says on the tin!

Our journey actually started twenty odd years ago when the founder of EDNW was finally diagnosed as a coeliac. This was back in the day when diagnosis was very difficult and took a long time. Food was on prescription, there was nothing available in the supermarkets and the only ‘treats’ you could get were chocolate coated rice cakes and banana chips from the expensive health food shops! 

We are of course very lucky that there is more available these days and that supermarkets have free from sections, although let’s face it, just because it’s something that’s available claiming to be gluten free etc, doesn’t mean it will actually taste good! 

Also a very big grievance (to put it politely!!!) is that so much of the gluten-free offerings are oat-based! Since oats contain a protein that is very similar to gluten, even when made ‘gluten free’, they can still cause a reaction to some people who are coeliac, including the founder of EDNW! Therefore, we pledge to provide an option for both beers and snacks which are also free of ‘gluten free oats’ as well / ensure any item containing ‘gluten free oats’ is clearly labelled and can be opted out of your subscription. So that is where the ‘Eats… No Wheats’ comes in. 

We are continuously, carefully researching products and doing the label checking, confirming certification and undertaking the incredibly arduous job of taste testing to give you peace of mind for your snacking.

Now on to the ‘Drinks… No Wheats’ and of course we’re talking about beer! It may seem like a simple pleasure, but not for those who are coeliac or gluten intolerant. It is an area of the industry which has been overlooked for many years and although we’re starting to see more gluten free beers available, they are few and far between. What’s more, they are often just your generic brands which have just added an enzyme to reduce the gluten to an acceptable standard. This is an area which we feel very strongly about. There is a growing amount of small independent breweries right here in the UK who are trying to delve deeper into the whole brewing process to ensure that it isn’t just a product which is labelled gluten free, it also tastes great too! 

Each brand that will be available through EDNW will have been through rigorous research (AND taste testing!) We can then inform you of the products certification, whether it is naturally gluten free, gluten reduced and additionally, if it is vegan. 

It is very pleasing to see breweries being as passionate about this as we are and also transparent in their lab tests and how they achieve a gluten content of below 20ppm and in many cases way below that! However, it takes a lot of shopping around, asking the right sort of questions and then finding retailers which actually stock the product! So once again, this is where EDNW step in to do the hard work for you, giving you the assurance you need to enjoy your well-deserved beer and snack!

There we have it! No longer will you need to read the back of items several times and overanalyse the ingredients, you can enjoy a whole new range of gluten free beer and snacks and it’ll land on your doorstep too!



It’s been an absolute age since I was able to go and have a beer and have actual options, even more so just being able to just pop to the shops and grab a nice selection of cold beers and some interesting nibbles. 

Looking around at the options online, the hampers were coming in at between £40 and £50 a time and there being no subscription-based gluten-free options.

So Phil decided that he wanted to enable this for others.